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venerdì, marzo 02, 2007

Come manipolare la saggezza del popolo

Un po' di tempo fa, era Settembre, dio come scorre veloce il tempo...avevo fatto un post su un libro che stavo leggendo "The Wisdom of Crowds"

Oggi ho trovato questa chicca che vorrei condividere con Voi:

Hacking Wisdom of the Crowds
Wired runs a nice round-up on the ways you can manipulate wisdom of online crowds -- community-scoring systems -- in your favor.
These ways are:
1. Invest in building your own group of power users.
2. Buy the votes.
3. Identify existing power users and link-bait them
4. Build your reputation on small transactions to cheat on the big ones.
Here's a bonus story about an experiment in crowdhacking: the articles author tests how effectively one can drive traffic by buying Diggs on Users/Submitter.

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